Funny Middle Finger Cat Sew Iron On Patch

Funny Middle Finger Cat Sew Iron On Patch

Price:US$65 for 100pcs
Size is about 9.5cm high
White twill fabric with iron on backing and 100%emb

Product Details

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The cat's character is really weird. It's honest. It's really good sometimes. It will find a warm place to sleep all day and be carefree.

However, when it decides to go out and play, it will run away all day and night, and it will not come back, no matter who calls it. Say it's playful, it's true. However, when he heard the sound of a mouse, how conscientious he was. He kept his breath shut (holding his breath and concentrating on for hours, so he had to wait for the mouse to come out and not pull it down.

This embroide patches is 100%emb full stitches with iron on backing, the cost price is US$65 for 100pcs.

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There are quite a few cat lovers among my friends. I wonder if they have noticed these problems? I remember when I lived in Chongqing 20 years ago, the cats there were so precious that I had to pay for them. At that time, the rats there were so rampant that the kittens had to be kept in cages to avoid being eaten by the rats. It is said that at present it is very difficult to see mice in Chongqing. So, where's the cat? Are they no longer in cages, or do they not have cats at all?


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