Cartoon Hot Dog Embroidered Round Patch

Size is about 8cm wide
White twill fabric with iron on backing and 100%emb
$15.5 for 10pcs
If you need custom your own design to embroidery patch just contact with us as below:

Product Details

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Hot dog is a way of eating sausage. Whole bread sandwiches with hot dogs can also be called hot dogs directly. Hot dogs can be served with a variety of ingredients, such as tomato sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, pickled cabbage, pickled radish, onion chips, lettuce chips, tomatoes (slices, chips or slices) and chili peppers. 

Hot dogs have other changes. Cheese is called "Cheese Hot Dog" or "Cheese Dog" directly. 

It's called "hot dog" with chili sauce. The first two are all called "hot cheese dogs". Fried hot dogs wrapped in corn syrup and inserted hot dog. A little bamboo stick is called a corn dog.

The Patches size is about 8cm wide with iron on backing, white twill fabric with hot cut border.

If you want to custom embroidery patch please email us:






You can sew on the hat, cap or T-shirt.  Welcome to contact with us.

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