Classic Irish Clover Dark Shamrock Embroidered Patch

Patches size is about 7.6cm high.
White twill fabric with iron on backing and 100%emb stitches.

Product Details

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People always say that if you find the clover, you will find happiness. 

That is because the clover one leaf represents hope, the clover two leaves represents giving, the clover three leaves represents love, then the rare four clover represents happiness.

Irish folklore, four-leaf clover can bring good luck, is Ireland's most famous national symbol. 

In traditional Irish weddings, the bride's bouquet and the groom's corsage must contain lucky grass. Lucky Grass is considered an essential third person at a wedding.

The lucky shamrock embroidered patch size is about 3 inches, 100%emb stitches.

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10pcs 3 inches Green Luck leaf Classic Irish Clover Dark Green Lucky Shamrock Embroidered Patch Wholesale Appliqued (1)


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