Cowboy Cactus With Hat And Beard Embroidered

Embroidered Patches Size: 8cm High
Embroidery coverage: 100%emb
Patches Backing Style: Iron on
The Cost Price:US$85 for 100pcs
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Cactus is a desert plant. I admire its tenacious vitality. The whole body of cactus is dark green. If you look closely, you will find a cluster of white spines on its thick oval stem. The spine is its leaf, which may be a weapon to protect itself.

Although the flowering period of cactus is very short, it withers only on one day, but its life is very vigorous. No matter the "red sun burning like fire" summer, as long as it is planted in the soil, a few days there is no problem, even in the "cold snow drift" winter, it still does not change color, stubbornly growing.

The below embroidery patch size is about 8cm high with iron on backing for full stitches.

The cost price is US$85 for 100pcs with free shipping, if you need please contact with us:





Every morning, on my crowded desk, the sunshine squeezed in through the cracks in the window and sprinkled on my desk the two basins of cactus surrounded by books. 

They are enjoying the sunshine lazily without any trace. They embrace each other and support each other's softest hearts with the purest skin stabbed with perseverance.

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