Witch Embroidered Iron On Patch

Witch Embroidered Iron On Patch

Price:US$65 for 50pcs
Size is about 9.5cm high
White twill fabric with iron on backing and 75%emb

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Witches are women who can communicate with gods and ghosts, use voodoo and astrology, and also women who claim to be able to possess ghosts and make a living from them. 

In primitive society, with the help of the divine power of nature or the power of spiritual attachment, professionals who pray for people to exorcise evil spirits and cure diseases are usually dominated by older women, similar to Japanese witches. 

It is a woman who uses Western astrology or mystery to divine good fortune, bless and spell.

Below patches size is about 9.5cm high, white twill fabric with iron on backing.

100pcs Price is US$85, 50pcs Price is US$60.

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