Jack-o'-lantern Pumpkin Lantern Halloween Patch

Patch Size is about 7.6cm high
100%emb full stitches with iron on backing
The cost price is US$65 for 50pcs
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Pumpkins are also a symbol of Halloween. Pumpkins are orange, so orange has become the traditional Halloween color. Carving pumpkin lanterns with pumpkins is also a Halloween tradition, and its history can also be traced back to Ireland. 

Legend has it that a man named Jack is so stingy that he can't go to heaven after he dies, and because he laughs at the devil and can't go to hell, he can only wander around with lanterns until the day of judgment.

So Jack and the pumpkin lantern became the symbol of the cursed soul. In order to frighten away these souls on Halloween Eve, people use turnips, beets or potatoes to carve horrible faces to represent Jack carrying lanterns, which is the origin of Jack-o'-lantern. 

Below patches size is about 7.6cm high with iron on backing, hot cut border with 100%emb full stitches.

The cost price is US$65 for 50pcs, if you interesting in our embroidery patch, you can custom your own logo design to embroidered patch, email us, let me know the size and quantity  you need then we will quote the best price to you. Our email: Tianny@mcpatch.com





When the Irish moved to the United States, they began to carve with pumpkins, because pumpkins are more plentiful than turnips in autumn in the United States. 

Now, if people hang pumpkin lights on their windows on Halloween night, it means that people in Halloween costumes can knock on the door and ask for candy.