Ramen Noodles Embroidery Patch

The Patches size is about 7.6cm wide
White twill fabric with iron on backing and 100%emb
The cost price is US$65 for 50pcs
More information as below:

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In fact, Japanese noodles were spread to Japan from China. In fact, among the three main noodles in Japan (Udongman noodles, Ramen noodles and buckwheat noodles), only buckwheat noodles can be regarded as the traditional noodles in Japan, while the well-known noodles in Chinese cuisine are the origin of today's Ben-La noodles.

Japanese Ramen

The earliest historical record of ramen in Japan was in 1704, when an historian named Anjijue mentioned Chinese noodles in Shun Shui Zhu Style Talk, and that Huangmen in Shuitou had eaten noodles similar to Oolong noodles.

This embroidery patch is about Japanese Ramen, size is about 7.6cm wide

The cost price is US$65 for 50pcs if you need it please contact with us: Tianny@mcpatch.com






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