Yellow Duck Funny Cute Animal Patch

Size is about 6.5cm wide
Yellow twill fabric with iron on backing and 75%emb
Yellow Duck Funny Cute Animal Sew Iron on Patch Embroidered
US$45 for 100pcs

Product Details

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Rubber Duck is a series of giant rubber duck artworks created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman in the shape of classic bathtub yellow ducklings. Mainland netizens call it Hong Kong yellow duck, and Hong Kong media call it giant duck. There are many kinds of ducks, one of which is the largest rubber duck in the world. Its size is 26 x 20 x 32 meters.

Since the birth of the first "yellow duck" in 2007, Hoffman has taken his work from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As of January 2014, the duck has visited 17 cities in 11 countries and regions. Rhubarb duck has attracted great attention wherever it goes, and has brought great commercial benefits to the local tourism and retail industry.

Below is our new products about yellow duck, the patches size is about 6.3cm wide with yellow twill fabric and iron on backing, they sell $45 for 100pcs if you interested in this product please contact with us:






About this Embroidery patches story:

It is rumored that Hoffman's design of the yellow duck was inspired by the story of the duck fleet: in 1992, a cargo ship from China intended to cross the Pacific Ocean to reach Tacoma Harbor, Washington, USA, but encountered a strong storm on the way. A container filled with 29,000 bathtub toys fell into the sea and burst. The yellow duck, blue turtle and green frog inside floated to the surface of the sea. It became a huge "duck fleet" and drifted from China to the coasts of the United States and Britain.

Although the story is beautiful, Hoffman firmly denies it: "No, no, it's totally a rumor. I went to a museum in the Netherlands and found inspiration from the paintings. I saw the design of a small yellow duck in a painting. My inspiration comes from some works of art. I can't remember which specific works are all landscape paintings. I prefer to get inspiration from some paintings and then make my own artistic creation.

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