A Herdsman's Traditional Embroidery Story

- Mar 09, 2019-

A Herdsman's Traditional Embroidery Story

At present, great changes have taken place in the way of life of young people. Short-video culture has become popular. 

In order to better publicize Hami embroidery culture and help build Hami brand, the Hami Municipal People's Government cooperates with fast-hand workers to promote the opening of fast-hand accounts for Hami traditional craft workstations and top embroiderers. 

At the same time, the two sides jointly designed joint-name Hami hand embroidery works to promote Hami embroidery. Non-legacy skills, help Hami traditional craft works to use the Internet short video, live broadcasting means to achieve sales.

On the scene of Hami Quick Hand Strategic Cooperation Conference, Kadel Rehmann, the representative of Hami Embroidery, shared the story of her traditional embroidery. 

Kadel Rehmann is a farmer in Bumaizhuangzi Village, Taojiagong Town, Hami City. A herdsman was originally a mountain herdsman. His mother and sister were tailors there. 

Influenced by their mother and sister, they could draw and design some patterns by themselves at the age of 7. 

Later, they were usually designed by his paper-cut and embroidered by his mother and sister. Cadel Rehmann learned embroidery very quickly because he learned to draw and cut paper. But in the old people's minds, it's all women's work. 

As a result, the voices of doubts around are gradually increasing. Cadel Rehmann said he really liked it and stole embroidery.


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