Become A Rich Woman Due to Computer Embroidery

- Feb 26, 2019-

It is understood that the embroidery has a long history and the culture has changed with the times. 

This traditional handicraft has faded out of sight. However, in Lishui, there are laid-off women workers who have never touched the embroidery industry, but have changed the past hand embroidery. 

Boldly introduce new technology of computer embroidery, improve the scientific content and level of embroidery products, thus embroidering a road to entrepreneurship and prosperity. 

The annual sales of embroidery factory will reach two or three million yuan, and the monthly salary of female workers will be 3,000 yuan depending on the position. It costs up to 6,000 yuan. And Liu Hongxia also gave the factory an atmospheric name, Jiangnan Embroidery Factory.

Simple Liu Hongxia, she is 41 years old and lives in Yongyang Town, Lishui District. She has been working outside in the early years. She was laid off in 2010. With the attitude of giving a try, she began to contact the embroidery industry because she never At first, Liu Hongxia still had some concerns. 

After all, the purchase of equipment was not a decimal. When she was worried, the order was made by her, and she made up her mind. After the order was received, Liu Hongxia was full of confidence. At that time, she raised money, rented more than 200 square meters of factory buildings, spent seven or eight hundred thousand to buy machinery and equipment, hired three female workers, and started her initial business. Due to the large amount of orders, there are not enough people. 

In addition to her own computer embroidery, this line is unfamiliar, she took the whole family out to study, the younger brother learned the board and made the pattern, Liu Hongxia learned the operation with the sisters, studied in another factory for a month, while doing practice, working overtime Add orders to make orders.

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