Become A Rich Woman Due to Computer Embroidery 3

- Feb 28, 2019-

As business volume increased, Liu Hongxia had to increase equipment and expand production.

In 2014, she invested more than 1 million yuan to purchase equipment and rented a 700 square metre factory building, hire 9 women workers. But even so, she had to recruit temporary help whenever she was busiest. 

Temporary invitation will inevitably increase costs, but the credibility and quality of Liu Hongxia has always adhered to the principle, which is why, in the apparel industry is very depressed, she can still adhere to and become the only remaining embroidery processing enterprises in the region.

It is reported that Liu Hongxia now produces embroidery products with a wide variety of patterns, including clothing, shoes, hats, bedding, cushions, aprons, curtains and other household necessities. 

As long as the designed pattern is copied in the brain embroidery machine, the same embroidery products will be produced with fine workmanship and different levels to meet the needs of customers at different levels. "New Year's Day and Spring Festival are the peak season for orders. 

We plan to raise funds to expand the scale and try to attract more women to join the ranks." Liu Hongxia is confident about her future development. On the way of embroidery, she not only needs to embroider beautiful patterns, but also embroiders colorful life pictures.

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