Composing of embroidery machine

- Nov 30, 2018-

The computer embroidery machine is mainly composed of three parts: mechanical system, transmission system and electronic control system. The mechanical system is mainly composed of a frame component, a box component, a walking mechanism, a thread take-up mechanism, a color change mechanism, a wire clamping mechanism, an embroidery frame component, a pull switch box component, etc., and the main motor of the transmission system is divided into a servo motor and Inverter motors, most of the current domestically used embroidery machine servos are Dahao servo systems.

For example, the inverter motor of the computer embroidery machine uses Toshiba motor, which can adjust the rotation speed of the motor according to the length of the stitch length of the embroidery pattern. In order to ensure the precision of embroidery, the main motor has an electromagnetic brake device. The main motor drives the lower shaft through the synchronous toothed belt, and the lower shaft drives the upper shaft through the sprocket. The upper shaft drives the puncturing mechanism and the thread take-up mechanism to move, and the lower shaft moves through the bevel gear drive hook and the thread cutting mechanism to complete the embroidery. The bottom and upper thread locks form an embroidery stitch on the fabric.