Computer Embroidery Basics

- May 30, 2018-


Commonly referred to as "embroidery", on the already processed fabrics, needle thread, according to the design requirements of puncture, through the needle to organize the embroidery thread into a variety of patterns and colors of a skill.

Colorful Embroidery

Refers to the embroidered arts that use a variety of color embroidery thread system pattern design, embroidered surface with a flat, rich stitches, fine stitches, bright colors, in the clothing accessories have many applications. Caixi's color change is also very rich. 

It uses line ghostwriting to produce a variety of color effects through the overlapping, juxtaposition, and interlacing of a variety of color embroidery threads. 

In particular, the quilt stitches are the most distinctive features of the subtle changes in pattern colors. 

The combination of colors and shades has the effect of rendering traditional Chinese paintings.