Computer embroidery basics II

- May 31, 2018-


Also called applique embroidery, it is a form of embroidery that stitches other fabrics on garments. Embroidery in Chinese Suzhou embroidery also falls into this category. The embroidering method is to cut the decals according to the pattern requirements and attach them to the surface of the embroidery. It is also possible to pad the cotton and other objects between the decal and the embroidery surface to make the pattern bulge and have a three-dimensional effect. After sticking, use various stitches to lock the edges. The patch embroidering method is simple, the pattern is mainly block-faced, and the style is unique and generous.

Cross stitch

Also known as the cross peach, it is a traditional embroidery method widely spread in the people. The stitching method is very simple, that is, according to the warp and weft orientation of the fabric, the oblique cross-shaped stitches of the same size are arranged in the pattern required by the design. Due to its acupuncture features, the pattern of the cross stitch is generally concise and rigorous in structure, and it is often in a symmetrical pattern layout. There are also realistic style patterns. The subjects are mostly natural flowers. Cross stitch has a rich folk decoration style.