Difference between national embroidery and cross embroidery

- Feb 01, 2019-

There is a difference between national embroidery and cross embroidery. At first glance, there is no difference between national embroidery and cross embroidery. In fact, they have different roots and hide different periods of history. In addition to comparing the effects of finished products from a point of view, the exploration of their origins in different countries Italy spread in Europe. It is the recreational recipe for relaxation of the Europeans, which has been quite popular. Women are embroidering cross-stitch everywhere. Now cross-stitch has formed a kind of leisure fashion trend in China. It is deeply welcomed that Chinese embroidery is under the influence of thousands of years of Chinese culture. According to people's physical objects such as silk paintings and embroidery unearthed from various ancient tombs, it can be seen that in the Yin and Zhou Dynasties more than 3,000 years ago, China had beautiful dark silk and Shang Dynasty embroidery objects discovered in Henan Province. It is the earliest embroidery pattern in China. The embroidery marks on the edges of the shape and fold-angle corrugated lines were found in Baoji Rujia embroidery in Shaanxi Province. The needle lines of braided embroidery still used today are easy to reel and the needle feet are quite neat. This shows that the embroidery techniques are very skilled materials with poor embroidery, especially the materials of modern cross-stitch commodities, including large, medium and small grilles. Zi's embroidery, thread, and colour patterns are the process of weaving patterns on fabrics with various kinds of yarns. The lattice of the fabric is thicker than that of the embroidery. That's why it's so stylized. Several simple methods of cross stitch, such as Half Four National Day