Different kinds of embroidery have their own charm

- Dec 05, 2018-


Known as "embroidery", it is a technique for needle puncture to organize embroidery threads into various patterns and colors by carrying needles.

Color embroidery

It refers to the embroidery technique of controlling patterns with various color embroidery threads. It has the characteristics of plain embroidery, rich needling, fine stitches and bright colors, and is widely used in garment accessories. The color change of color embroidery is also very rich. It uses line instead of pen to create colorful effect. Especially, the needle-inserting method is the most distinctive way to show the subtle change of pattern color. It has the rendering effect of Chinese painting because of the blending of shade and depth of color.

Wrap embroidery

The main feature is to use thicker threads or cotton mattress to make the pattern bulge, and then embroider with embroidery, generally using flat embroidery needle method. Bao Gan embroidery is elegant, three-dimensional, decorative, also known as high embroidery, in Su embroidery is called convex embroidery. Bagging embroidery is suitable for embroidering small patches and narrow petal flowers such as chrysanthemum, plum, etc., generally with monochrome thread embroidery.

Carving embroidery

Also known as hollow embroidery has a certain degree of difficulty, the effect is very unique embroidery. Its greatest feature is that in the embroidery process, according to the pattern needs to be trimmed and cut holes in different ways to embroider a variety of pattern combinations, so that embroidery surface not only free and generous on the ground flowers, but also beautiful building empty flowers, virtual interesting. Embroidery is elegant and delicate