DIY How to do their own patch stickers

- Jan 16, 2018-

1. Cut the cloth head into the following Mickey Head shape, the top selection of beautiful cloth, small series is for waste use, with very small cloth head together, first cut two pieces of ears.

2. Looking a little pathetic, a total of four pieces.

3. Next cut out a piece of lace, the following figure spread to the top, put two small ears, and the following alignment.

4. Sew the layers of cloth from the edge with the same color color lines.

5. After sewing, give it a little decoration, sew two beautiful small buttons.

6. Add a nice little lace below and sew it to the bottom with a light color line.

7. This use of small head to do the patch paste is done, with hot melt adhesive to the clothes on it, can also sew to the clothes, of course, according to their own needs, can make different color patches paste, sewing to baby clothes on the small decoration is also good oh!