Embroidered wall covering

- Mar 11, 2019-

Embroidered wall covering

Many people do not understand how the embroidery industry developed, in addition to the artistic and historical nature, of course embroidery has value. 

The role of embroidery can be generally thought of that is demand for clothing, decorations in the house and so on. 

But the development of embroidery is not so, I do not know if you have heard of embroidered wallpaper, is the same function as wallpaper products, this wallpaper is a modern home decoration goods, here let you know the difference between embroidered wallpaper and wallpaper.

Embroidered wallpaper is one of the best upgraded products of wallpaper.

 It also has many embroidery patterns, and its color is very gorgeous. 

Because the materials used in wall cloth are all polyester fibers, so it seems that the grade is very high. 

Moreover, embroidered wall cloth is processed by special words on the surface, the texture should be more soft, with the artistic flavor that wallpaper can not reflect, and can give people a warm feeling of family.

Compared with wallpaper, embroidered wallpaper is more green and environmentally friendly, and its performance in sound insulation, fire prevention, mildew prevention and moisture proof is much higher than wallpaper. It can effectively regulate indoor air and is more conducive to human health.

Embroidery wall cloth is not toxic gas volatilization, so stick in the elderly room or children's room is not to worry about harmful gas on the human body negative impact.

Embroidery wall cloth is a whole piece of paste, so it is very convenient to replace, do not need to be removed one by one. 

This is very attractive for many young people, because young people prefer fresh things, maybe an embroidered wall cloth after a period of time want to change another pattern or style, it can be very convenient to solve the problem.

Is it attractive? Friends who are decorating at home can try it out. Embroidery wall cloth is an innovation for the development of embroidery industry. 

Now you know the importance of embroidery inheritance.