Embroidery Creates a Happy Life

- Mar 07, 2019-

Embroidery Creates a Happy Life

When Entering the embroidery workshop of Xiulifengxiang National Crafts Factory in Pingbian County, I saw several embroidery women embroidering patterns with embroidery machines or hand-made embroidery. There were semi-finished embroidery products everywhere in the room, and flowers, grass carp and insects were full of embroidery. With the introduction of the national intangible cultural heritage protection policy, the Miao embroidery technology has been promoted and protected, ushering in the spring of blooming.

In 2011, Hou Zhenwei, a Pingbian resident, raised funds to set up the Embroidery Lifeng Township National Craft Products Factory. Based on Miao embroidery, they produced and sold ancient Beaded caps, embroidered trimmed garments, linen batik-dyed and refined pattern pleated skirts, embroidered shoes, embroidered backpacks, colored embroidered purses, linen embroidered handbags, bamboo basket, painted bamboo umbrellas, wall pattern pendants, embroidered toys and other products. They are favored by the people of their own nationalities and the enthusiasts of national culture and art. Its products are sold to the United States, Britain, France and other countries. At present, there are 19 fixed embroidered women in the factory, and more than 60 households in five townships, including Wantang, Baiyun, Pinghe, Xinxin and Baihe, have participated in the production cooperation of the factory's products.

Tao Qiongli, an embroidery maid who grew up in the Miao village of Tangxiang, Pingbian Bay, introduced that Miao embroidery is not easy to spread to today. Now there are five embroidery methods, namely, counting yarn embroidery, cutting embroidery, comb embroidery, reverse embroidery (i.e. the Han embroidery method), and so on. Miao embroidery is different from other nationalities, Miao women embroidery does not draw draft on embroidery cloth, and a stitch line is full of memory or abdominal draft. Every needle can't be wrong. The embroidery will not repeat. It reveals the charm of Miao women's ingenuity.

Hou Zhenwei, the owner of the factory, told reporters that they were confident that they would inherit and carry forward the skill of Miao embroidery. Next, the factory will raise funds in many ways, increase the number of products, improve the artistic content, and will lead more Miao women to become rich in Miao embroidery.