Embroidery factory machine

- Feb 23, 2019-

The traditional printing process steps are very complex, which can only be generated through many processes, which leads to a longer production cycle. Now the new technology developed has greatly improved these shortcomings. 

Comparatively, the computerized embroidery process is simple, the delivery time is shortened, and the product performance is good. So now most of the garment embroidery factories have the demand of sampling, and as long as the pre-typesetting is good, there will be almost no rework phenomenon, which also improves the pass rate of finished products. 

Clothing embroidery factory workers in the initial typesetting must spend time and effort, which will greatly shorten the processing time in the later period. Although it may not be perfectly close to the desired acceptance, it will not destroy the finished product. After proofing, attention should also be paid to material and machine coordination. It is necessary to lay cloth reasonably according to different machines in order to maximize output.