General Knowledge Of Machine Embroidery

- Dec 20, 2018-

General Knowledge Of Machine Embroidery

Computer Embroidery Factory teaches you general knowledge of machine embroidery

Handicraft, commonly known as "folk handicraft", refers to a kind of handicraft made by the working people in order to meet the needs of life and aesthetic requirements. 

Every handicraft work of art is not imitated or said to be "priceless treasure".

What is an ornament is to use some material decoration to embellish and set off some object or beautify it. 

For cross embroidery, for example, or computer embroidery.

Seeing that the cross-stitch products on the Internet are basically decorations, but absolutely not why a friend of New Year's opens many finished products that are mounted. 

At first glance, they are beautiful and handmade embroidery. 

They were not asked by the manufacturer when you embroidered the spoon (computer embroidered you may see here that the brainy embroidery and manual embroidery are: the back of the embroidered products are all vertical or the effectiveness of a line. 

As a result, there are no exposed threads and no pull threads. (In reality, one percent of the cross embroidery products are the same as machine embroidery, which shows that there are pull wires on the back, not vertical or line effect). 

The features of computer embroidery are: the back line is disordered, and the outcrop line intersects mostly with the effect of vertical line. 

Of course, the pure embroidery products that can be seen on the network are basically the performance of computer mechanical embroidery. 

If you consider purchasing tens of millions of products, it is recommended not to buy the back is not vertical or linear effect! Because this is better to buy computer embroidery, can be much cheaper.

There are many embroidery brands. 

Whether you buy Embroidery from yourself or finished products, please cut a line to see if it is pure cotton yarn. 

The ignition of pure cotton yarn by fire shows that there is no knot and no residue after burning. The so-called ecological cotton (that is, the product of polyester and cotton blending, not pure cotton material) is easy to fade with the change of years and temperature, which is not a choice for many miscellaneous manufacturers to sell assembly kits and seek rich profits. 

Cost and its inexpensiveness.

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