Embroidery News2

- Jan 08, 2019-

It is reported that the training course lasts for four days and is organized and implemented by Congjiang Wosongyun Cultural Development Co., Ltd. It invites Miao traditional embroidery inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, Wei Zuying, deputy of the National People's Congress, Shi Mingxiang, senior craftsman of Guizhou Province, Shi Xian, founder of Wosongyun Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and Ao Rui, a university student who has won the red dot award in Germany, to teach.

The training contents include tourism commodities, popularization of national non-legacy embroidery and dyeing culture, promotion of aesthetic theory of creative design, innovative teaching of local embroidery and dyeing technology, teaching and training of production technology of national non-legacy products, etc. The purpose of the training is to develop a number of tourism commodities, and comprehensively enhance the craftsmanship skills of tourism commodity production enterprises and folk non-legacy craftsmen, so as to make Congjiang unique. Industrial industry trains reserve talents, enhances the sustainable development ability of enterprises and promotes employment, ultimately realizes poverty alleviation and promotes county economic development.