Embroidery News4

- Jan 22, 2019-

Gu Lanhua, who has been skilled in embroidery since childhood, participated in the "100 Best Embroidered Women" contest held by the local women's Federation in 2013. This contest not only won her the title of "No. 1 in embroidery", but also showed her the business opportunities of Miao embroidery, a traditional craft.

Gu Lanhua believes that although Meixiang Village is poor, there are good Miao embroidery crafts here. If we can organize the women who can embroider in the village to embroider, we can certainly increase their income. The first thing Gu Lanhua did after that was to organize the women in the village to learn embroidery technology. She selflessly taught them her own unique embroidery technology for many years. On the one hand, she wanted to inherit this traditional handicraft, on the other hand, she also wanted everyone to start as soon as possible.