Embroidery represents the successors

- Mar 04, 2019-

All ethnic groups have their own embroidery art. 

Like some ethnic minority areas, which have a large population, they publish broadly, blend with the 

regional culture and form a unique regional national embroidery culture. 

This is how Pengshui Miao embroidery is formed. 

Miao embroidery is the main decorative means of Miao costumes, and has a profound cultural accumulation. 

Each pattern contains the Miao girl's life in the future. Good vision. 

There are many kinds of Pengshui Miao embroidery, which can be divided into monochrome embroidery and color embroidery. 

Monochromatic embroidery is mainly made of blue thread with single technique, elegant and suspicious works, simple and generous; color embroidery is made of seven-color silk thread, relatively complex, mostly with flowers, birds, insects, fish or dragons, phoenixes and unicorns in nature as the theme, and the finished embroidery products are colorful and lifelike, which can be called excellent products.