How long to make embroidery patch

- Jul 10, 2018-

How long to make embroidery patch

The traditional embroidery is very complicated and requires a lot of processes to be produced, which leads to a long production cycle. 

The new technology developed now greatly improves these shortcomings. 

In contrast, the computer embroidery process is simple, the delivery time is shortened, and the product performance is good. 

Therefore, most garment embroidery factories now use computer embroidery technology to improve their quality and speed.

It is simple and quick to operate, with many patterns and complicated embroidery methods. 

It can satisfy all kinds of customers' needs as much as possible, and as long as the previous version is well played, there will be almost no rework, which will improve the yield of finished products. .

In the initial pattern-making, the garment embroidery factory must pay attention to spend time and this will greatly shorten the processing time in the later stage. 

Although it may not be perfectly close to the desired one, it will not destroy the finished product.

After the proofing, you should also pay attention to the cooperation between the material and the machine. 

It is necessary to lay the fabric according to different machines reasonably to produce the desired sample as much as possible. 

The pattern that the designer wants to design also needs to be considered in all aspects, not only the degree of customer preference, but also the degree of wear of the materials and machines used. 

In these places, spending more time later will save a lot of trouble. 

Generally, it takes three to five days to make a version, and the proofing time is longer.

It needs to be compared and modified several times with the desired finished product. 

It may take more than a day for a long time, but it usually does not take such a long time.