How To Check The Embroidery Patches Quality

- Jun 20, 2018-

How To Check The Embroidery Patches Quality

The quality of the embroidered chapter looks at the color of the embroidered chapter embroidery.

The more colorful the embroidery is, the more time it takes to clarify the work and the price is higher.

see embroidery chapter embroidery products fine level.

Compared with a piece of partially embroidered work, a piece of full-embroidered work requires a difference of half the working hours, and the price naturally has a certain disparity. 

From the common sense, the more the embroidered area, the more work hours spent on flowers, the higher the price naturally.

Look at the stitches embroidery chapter embroidery products.

In the interval of ten centimeters, it takes too long to take one and ten needles, and twenty needles. The longer the stitches on each line, the less time it takes to work, the rougher the work, and the lower the price.

See the embroidered chapter embroidery product line thickness level

Most people cannot distinguish from this aspect. It is difficult to determine the thickness of the velvet in detail. 

We can only provide a method for recognizing the thickness of the velvet, based on experience, first pick up the embroidery, place the embroidered embroidery on the level of the eye, and then look at the velvet of the quilt face to the light. 

If the line of the embroidery is thicker, So the more fluffy the surface. However, this method also has limitations, and it is applicable to works with a larger area of embroidery.

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