How to incorporate embroidery patches in daily life

- Jul 16, 2018-

The latest embroidered patch fashion trends have made patches the current rage. From celebrities to the models on the runway, everyone has elevated their fashion statement with embroidered patches. Add this to your outfit and it makes your attire shine like a fashion virtue.There are many different ways you can incorporate Embroidery patch into your style. We are going to help you out to make your own fashion statement.
Why embroidered patches stand out of the crowd? Patches add definition to a piece of clothing. Embroidery patches have been used on military uniforms to show allegiance and loyalty to the service of the country. Since clothing is the first thing that people notice, it is then a wise idea to decorate with custom patches. Don’t know where to get custom embroidered patches for yourself? Advantage Embroidery will exceed your expectations in terms of quality and style. Visit Green House to learn more.
Here are the things you need to know when incorporating embroidered patch fashion in your clothing:

Symbolism of your patches
People have used embroidered patches to show allegiance, ideas, movements, etc. Patches are like tattoos for your clothes that you want to add meaning to. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything to anyone else but you. Fan of a TV show, musical band, idea, or a movement? Then make it shout out loud with embroidered patches!

Size matters
If you are planning on looking classy with a rebellious streak, opt for small yet exquisite embroidery patch and place it on your desired outfit! A message or design, however small, always gets noticed. Get your custom embroidered patches done with perfection at Advantage Embroidery.

After the size, it’s the placement of the patch that makes a difference. Patches on the shoulder blades, heart area, or on the back, makes a much noticeable appearance than on other locations. Do you wear your patch as a statement on your back? Or do you want people to know that it is close to your heart or shoulders? Placement has its effect.

Things you can wear your patches on
Embroidered patch fashion and denim and patches go hand in hand. A denim jacket, jeans, skirt or shirt will look much better with an embroidered patch. Bring the 80’s fashion of embroidered jackets back! Leather items, cotton,and chiffons are also the contemporary fabric material that goes with embroidered patches.

The number of patches
You can have one large embroidered patch and make it the sole attractive point of the whole attire. It is important to keep a visual balance in your whole outfit. Too much of embroidered patches aren’t bad if you know how to fill in the gaps nicely. Check out some fashion ideas to see how much you’d want to experiment with it.

Patches are not just for clothes
We can also incorporate patches into just about anything. From your purse to sneakers or to your phone cases, patches are can be incorporated anywhere! All you need is imagination and courage to go with it.
Embroidered patches are the rage! Come join in and make a statement with your design! All you need to do it let the horses of your imagination free. Advantage Embroidery can make embroidered patch fashion to suit every style. They have done more than 50 thousand custom designs! Imagine the combinations of your custom designs you can create with embroidered patches!
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