How to judge the quality of embroidery patch

- Jun 11, 2018-

How do you know the embroidery patch if is high quality? See below information as below:

High-quality embroidery chapter products should be like this:

1. The bottom line debugging smooth, the product looks smooth and flat service, the bottom line should account for the total width of the flat package needle 1/3.

2. The pattern stitches are applied properly and the lines must be rounded and thick.

3. The surface line must be pruned clean, remove the paper Pu, wax paper, the bottom line should be retained 5 ~ 8mm length.

4. To ensure that the pieces are highly clean and tidy, not stains.

5. Color line, location, front and back, the pattern should refer to the passenger board must be correct.

6. After the design of the pattern must be checked the rationality and perfection of the pattern to ensure the production schedule and product quality.