Use Picture to Make a embroidery design

- Jun 15, 2018-

Sometime we take a photo for picture and want to remember it, now we can use picture to make a embroidery below is about how to make it:

First according to the sample, the customer's ideas and other graphic design. For the reproduction of embroidery, the first draft need not be as accurate as the finished product. We just need to know the idea or sketch, the color, and the necessary size. It is not like remanufacturing anniversary badges and commemorative coins to be reproduced. We say "re-painting" because it may not be necessary to embroider the East. However, someone who has a certain embroidery function is required to perform the copying work.

After confirming the design and color, the customer will magnify the designed pattern into a six-fold larger technical drawing. According to this enlarged drawing, the version of the guide embroidery machine will be printed. Lofters should have the skills of artists and graphic artists. The needles on the diagram suggest the type and color of the thread used, taking into account some of the requirements imposed by the pattern maker.