How to make an embroidery patches

- Dec 15, 2018-

The pattern of the embroidery plate and the order of the embroidery stitching of the computer embroidery plate, and the embroidery object are prepared from the embroidery order. Before manual digitization, it is best to pre-analyze and plan the pattern shape and embroidery sequence.


The shapes need to be clearly defined to make them easy to embroider. The best shape has a relatively constant width, smooth edges, no sharp needles, and no small, protruding details. The details should always be the final needle embroidery. If you use manual digitization, the object should be embroidered like a pattern design. In other words, the digital order defines the embroidery order.


If you convert electronic flower prints, Embroidery Studio uses a powerful automatic sequence design to create an embroidery sequence that is optimized for stitch visual perception. The automatic sequence design is designed for embroidery stencils, economical production, and minimal downtime, as well as accurate fabric texture and color.


The advantages of the embroidery studio are the automatic conversion and stitching sequence design of the electronic pattern, making the planning more time-saving and allowing more time for art selection.


If you use a mixed-mode design, you can use the Embroidery Studio Embroidery Digital tool to automate the transformation, add and edit multiple flower designs. In addition, you can also use all manual methods to adjust the embroidery order to improve the embroidery effect.