How to used Embroidery Patches

- Nov 17, 2018-

The difference in the back of the embroidery chapter determines the way it is used. There are three main types on the back of the embroidery chapter: backing, adhesive, and Velcro.

When you purchase an embroidered chapter, you can sew it directly on the surface of the garment. This back is called a backing.

This type of back is usually used in large quantities of embroidery chapters.

The most commonly used is adhesive, here the adhesive is also called hard rubber or hot melt adhesive, this glue can be pressed with ordinary household iron, the temperature is about 150 degrees.

The clothes with the embroidered chapter can be cleaned normally in the water, and will not fall off easily. Even if it falls off, the embroidered chapter can be burned on the clothes again.

There is also a very small amount called back soft rubber, which can be attached to the clothes by directly tearing off the embroidered chapter of the back. Although this back is easy to use,

But it is easy to fall off, and few guests use it.

One of the most convenient embroidery chapters is the embroidered chapter of the back velcro. Velcro is the most commonly used on children's shoes, and it acts like a shoelace.

Sew a piece of male Velcro on the back of the embroidered chapter, sew a piece of mother's Velcro on the clothes, and then attach it to it. It can be removed at will, which is convenient.