Industrial embroidery machine

- Jan 17, 2019-

Industrial computerized embroidery machine is used for mass production in embroidery processing plants. There are more than ten needles on a machine and a pattern is embroidered at the same time.

Nowadays, many embroidery crafts in embroidery factories are produced by this machine. There are many kinds of Industrial Computerized Embroidery machines. There is no unified classification method for each specification. Generally speaking, it can be used to classify the number of machine heads according to some of the following categories.

It can be divided into single-head machine and multi-head machine 2-24 heads.

(2) According to the number of needles in each end, it can be divided into single needle and multiple needles.

(3) According to the form of feeding bandage, it can be divided into plate type and cylinder type.

(4) According to the stitches used in embroidery, they are divided into lock stitches (301 stitches) and chain stitches (101 stitches).

Due to the differences in the number of machine heads, needles, stretching frames and thread forms of each machine type in the embroidery garment factory, these different factors can be listed to meet the needs of customers of the same scale and different requirements at different levels.