Industry Knowledge2

- Nov 26, 2018-

Chaozhou International Embroidery Art Biennale 2018 will be exhibited in Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, on December 20, 2018. Starting from revitalizing traditional embroidery craft, the exhibition will further tap the value connotation of excellent traditional Chinese embroidery culture and stimulate the vitality and vitality of traditional embroidery craft through open communication and interaction between domestic and foreign embroidery artists.

Sun Huaibin, vice president of China Textile Federation, said that this is a good opportunity to revitalize the traditional textile technology represented by embroidery, and also an important opportunity for domestic and foreign embroidery circles to learn from each other and exchange. He hoped that the biennial exhibition could promote the inheritance and development of non-hereditary embroidery technology in China's textile industry. It is reported that up to now, among the state-level intangible cultural heritage projects published in China, there are more than 30 embroidery arts including the "four famous embroidery" in Su, Shu, Guangdong and Hunan.