Production Equipment and Classification of Computer Embroidery

- Mar 02, 2019-

The computerized embroidery machine of embroidery factory is the most advanced embroidery machine in the contemporary era. It has made a qualitative leap in the traditional embroidery industry.

Computer from manual to computer mechanical production not only achieves high speed and high efficiency, but also achieves the requirements of "multi-level, multi-function, unity and perfection" that manual embroidery can not achieve. The famous brand of computer embroidery machine of the epoch-making pre-production computer embroidery factory embodying a variety of high and new technologies is TNEF-H620 of Tiandao Company of Japan and Brother of Japan. B, 174-12 and Baifu, Germany. 

There are already domestic computer embroidery machines in China, such as Zhuji Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd., China Standard Sewing Machine Guocheng Optical Instrument Factory, Shanghai Xiechang Sewing Machine Factory, Qingdao Computer Embroidery Machine General Factory, Wuhan Meijia Garment Machinery Factory, Suzhou Factory and so on. 

The computerized embroidery machine produced in China still has a certain gap in material used in mechanical structure, processing accuracy and level of work, and control system compared with foreign similar machines.

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