Take you to know the characteristics of sequin embroidery

- Nov 29, 2018-

1. The sparkle effect of the sequins. The freely moving flash is fixed on the grid. The reflection effect of the sequin can absorb the light source from any direction, and combines its own color to highlight the unique performance. The glittering gorgeous is a major feature.

2. New dynamic visual effects. Instead of the singularity of traditional advertising, powerful visual impact and bright colors, it attracts every passing eye and adds modern visual dynamic effects to the enterprise;

3.Environmental protection and energy conservation, and exerting the dynamic effect of nature. It is especially suitable for ventilation position. Under the driving of light source and wind, it is based on the point, and the points are connected into a line to form a surface with lines, which constitute different fashion effects of different waves, beams and focal points.

4. Handmade. Sequin embroidery is a handmade art product. It combines the various ideas of the designer.

5. Sequin embroidery products have low cost and obvious effect, which brings unlimited business opportunities to the advertising industry and decorative materials market.