Talk about Suzhou embroidery

- Jul 11, 2018-

  The color and needle method of the Suzhou embroidery are all expected very much, the color for a painting will vary endlessly. The embroidery artists have created the skill and technique of "splitting silks and piecing the colors together" from the long-term practice, not only there are abundant colors, but also the feelings, expressions and inherent structures of different images are demonstrated. So, though rough sketches for a painting are mostly out of the painters, through the re-creation of the embroidery artists, the artistic results, which are often beyond that of the original paintings can be obtained.

  In the Suzhou embroidery art, the double-sides embroidery, which embody mainly the skill level of the Suzhou embroidery, is a pearl on its crown. Although initially appeared in the Northern Song Dynasty, the double-sides embroidery was extremely rare in history, especially the double-sides embroidery for appreciation. The earliest two pieces of double-sides embroidery for appreciation we can see are The Maids of Honor created in Qing