The advantage of embroidery machine

- Nov 24, 2018-

Embroidery machine is the product of modern scientific and technological progress. It can replace most artificial embroidery, and has the advantages of stable quality, high efficiency, low cost and mass production.

    The main function of the embroidery machine depends on the number of heads, the head distance, the number of stitches, the large stroke of the X and Y directions of the frame, the electronic control system, and the manufacturer's brand. The number of heads is the number of heads that work simultaneously during embroidery. It determines the efficiency of the embroidery machine. The head distance is the spacing between two adjacent heads, which determines the size and cost of a single embroidery or cycle of embroidery embroidery. The number of needles is the number of single needles installed on each head of the embroidery machine. It determines the large number of color changes when the embroidery machine is embroidered, and the color of the embroidery. The large stroke of the X and Y directions of the embroidery frame determines the embroidery machine. Embroidered embroidery size; electronic control system, the current domestic electronic embroidery machine operating system mainly has Dahao electronic control, Yida electronic control, Fuyi electronic control, Shanlong electronic control. Different manufacturers' brands correspond to different quality, service and professional embroidery machines.

1. Flat embroidery

Flat embroidery is a wide range of embroidery used in embroidery. As long as it can be embroidered, it can be used for embroidery.

2. Three-dimensional embroidery

Three-dimensional embroidery (3D) is a three-dimensional pattern formed by embroidering EVA glue inside the embroidery thread, which can be produced on ordinary flat embroidery. (EVA glue has different thickness, hardness and color).

3. Hollow three-dimensional embroidery

The hollow three-dimensional embroidery can be produced by using ordinary flat embroidery. It is embroidered by means of styrofoam-like three-dimensional embroidery. After the embroidery is completed, the styrofoam is washed with a dry cleaning machine to form an intermediate hollow. (The surface of the styrofoam is smooth, usually 1~5mm thick)