The characteristics of color matching of embroidery

- Jan 16, 2019-

The characteristics of color matching of embroidery patterns in computer embroidery factories are as follows.

(1) The complexity of embroidery materials determines the diversity of embroidery patterns. Even with the same color, there will be great differences in different sizes, raw materials and shapes.

(2) Different settings of embroidery stitches will cause different color sensations. Those with dense stitches have strong color sense, while those with sparse stitches have weak color sense.

(3) Production equipment and cost constraints make embroidery patterns as simple as possible. With the progress of embroidery industry, 1-2 sets of colours were widely used five or six years ago, and now they have developed into 5-6 sets of colours. Even so, it is far from the extent to which more than a dozen sets of colours are used in printing processes.

(4) Different thickness, texture and transparency of embroidery substrates will make the same color matching produce different visual effects.

(5) There are many kinds of embroidery accessories, such as sequins, beads and bright tubes, which will affect the overall color matching effect.