The Charm of Embroidery Art

- Mar 06, 2019-

      The Charm of Embroidery Art

As you all know, our country has a long history of embroidery. 

As you can see in those TV plays, those girls have to learn female workers when they are very young, and others are called embroidery workers. 

These embroidery are vivid and lifelike. In this Chinese Embroidery Museum, you can see many treasures of our ancient culture. 

There are also 14 works of Jiangsu Province's masters of Arts and crafts, including four famous Chinese embroidery. 

There are also treasures of the town hall waiting for you to visit. The works include some embroidery crafts, such as landscape houses. 

There are also some leisure areas in the hall. From time to time, interactive projects will be held to let you feel the charm of Chinese embroidery culture in the nearest distance.

With the development of modern society, embroidery has already become different. 

Instead of being used only in handkerchiefs and clothing before, embroidery crafts are now integrated into some objects of daily life, such as pendants and wallets, and the workmanship is more exquisite. 

These embroidery can only be done by hand, so it will be time-consuming, but after the production of these are very exquisite. 

I wonder if the little friends like embroidery?