The development of cloth stickers

- Jan 16, 2018-

The Yangxin cloth pastes is in a piece of bottom cloth by the shearing, the collage, the sewing, the embroidery produced has the shallow relief effect the folk practical art product (originates from Yangxin folk Arts and crafts) has already had more than 1500 years of history, is called "the magical Oriental unique art".

For a long time, the yangxin cloth was hidden in the folk, until 1985 was found. Once published, yangxin cloth paste that is her unique artistic charm to impress the world.

1986 debut "Hubei Folk Art exhibition".

In 1987, when Beijing "First Chinese arts Festival", "People's Daily", "Guangming", "China Culture newspaper" and other central media on the cloth paste was highly appraised.

The English version of the 1988 Chinese literature was the first to spread the theme articles and a group of photo from the yangxin cloth to overseas.

Since 1989, yangxin cloth has been on the ocean many times, exhibited the former Soviet Union, Cyprus, Libya and other countries.