The Difference Between Computer Embroidery And Craft Embroidery

- Jun 27, 2018-

The difference between computer embroidery and craft embroidery

Embroidery is mainly embroidered on some fabrics and made into finished products through tailoring. 

In fact, manual and computerized embroidery are basically the same, but now the number of hand-embroidered personnel is less and less, and the time and output of hand-embroidery are greatly inferior Computer embroidery, but it is undeniable reason for the rare, hand-embroidered anti-collection.

Compared to computer embroidery, there is a great advantage in terms of time and output, and some imaginary embroidery with artificial embroidery can be embroidered from the embroidery machine.

And the price is also much cheaper than hand-embroidery, which is also a good advantage for businesses and consumers.

In fact, hand-embroidery is an art, but that kind of art has gradually changed since the appearance of the later embroidery machine. 

Computer embroidery itself has become a product of art, skills and technology.