The Embroidery Of SuZhou

- Jun 30, 2018-

The Embroidery Of SuZhou

As one of the representatives of Chinese culture and arts, Suzhou embroidery enjoys a good reputation of the first of the top-four embroiders in China. Suzhou embroidery was originated in Wuxian, Jian gsu Province. 

These area shave been famous for their high qua lity silk productions for centuries. The country of Wu(current Suzhou areahas started to use embroidery to decorate garments over 2000 years ago. Suzhou embroidery Art has been already quite high-level in Song Dynasty. 

During the Ming Dynasty, Suzhou became a thriving center for silk industriesand handicrafts. Flourishing painting art in Wu area helped the further develop ment of Suzhou embroidery Embroiders reproduced the paintings using needles. 

These works were so vivid and elegant as to be called paintings by needle"or"unmatch able even by the nature.