Why Foreigners Like Embroidery So Much

- Dec 01, 2018-

Why Foreigners Like "Embroidery" So Much.

Embroidery with more than 2,000 years of history is one of the ancient Chinese handicrafts. In ancient times, the aristocrats and nobles had a strict set of patterns and color standards in order to show their wealth and honor. 

Emperor embroidered dragon, embroidered emperor, embroidered crane, embassy embroidered tiger, different embroidered symbols represent different status. Therefore, those who can have an embroidered shirt are not ordinary people at the time.

Embroidery is a traditional Chinese technique. On the already processed fabrics, a technique of needle-punching, puncture according to design requirements, and organizing the embroidery thread into various patterns and colors through the needle. 

The Chinese culture of thousands of years has not only deeply influenced the dressing situation of the Chinese, but even the foreigners have a strong interest in the embroidery culture of China. The embroidery trend is booming.

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the embroidery industry with the development of the textile industry and the prosperity of literature and art also embarked on the peak of skill and aesthetics. In the 17th century, embroidery products flowed into the European land through the Silk Road, and were once popular in the upper social circle of the European royal family. Since then, "embroidery" has officially become one of the most representative Chinese culture and art in the eyes of foreigners. Perhaps this also explains why foreigners like "embroidery" so much.