The Military Patches

- Jul 27, 2018-

Traditionally military patches have been worn by individuals who were a part of a military force or regiment and were sewn on to the shoulder of their uniforms. This was done to highlight  their rank and occupation. Collecting military patches can be a great hobby considering the variety of embroidered designs which have been used throughout the years. You can easily get some of these individual patches from various online and brick and mortar stores that sell army replica accessories. You can also try local clothing stores or those doing business online.
The first military patches were worn by members of the armed forces on their clothes during the 19th century. They basically created embroidered patches which were sewn on to the uniforms by hand. They were much less complex than they are today and were quite pale considering the fact that the uniform of the army was a light khaki color. The American army switched from this light khaki shade to a green uniform in 1957 and the color of the patches also changed accordingly to dark green. Variants of these military patches were also officially worn by troops serving in various parts of the world including Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Most of the military patches worn after the changes were made using silk and consisted of a small panel. These days there are several types of military patches being worn by all branches and members of the military. The military patches worn by generals in the American army are round in shape and have a background colored in black with the words “United States Army” written with a gold thread. The servicemen usually wear the standard kinds. Sailors in the US Navy wear military patches which are round in shape and have a background colored in white with the engravings done with a gold colored thread. The military patches of the US Air Force also have a white colored background but the engravings are in blue. The Marines have a different type of military PATCH which is red, black, and green in color with an outline around the boarder. The military patch of the United State Coastal guard is round with engravings in black with a gold symbol. Military patches worn by veterans are colored in brown with engravings in off white color.
Individual military PATCHES can be easily found in specialty clothing stores and internet based shops. If you are a member of the military and would like to order larger quantities then you will need to use an embroidered patch manufacturing company. We can handle any size military patch order including individual name and rank patches at a very reasonable cost.