The step of color matching for embroidery patch

- Jun 12, 2018-

Firstly, it is intended to envisage setting a kind of emotional pattern of color, such as softness, calmness, activeness, and enthusiasm, and then selecting the color tone to establish the color tendency of a pattern. 

The hue can be analyzed from different angles, including hue tone (cool, warm, neutral), lightness tone (light hue, dark hue), and hue hue (red, yellow, green). 

The color tone is often determined by the color of the base fabric.


Determine the number of chromatic colors and select the relevant color based on the determined hues. When choosing each color, it is necessary to grasp the principle of moderate contrast and avoid situations in which the colors are too similar or the difference is too large.

Determine the area and position of each color in the pattern. The main object is the main color, and the minor object is the color of the background.

Determine the color of hand-embroidery accessories according to the principle of appropriate contrast, so as to play a role in both harmonization and finishing touch.