The usage of Embroidery Patch

- Jun 07, 2018-

There are many kinds of embroidered patches, which are some of the decorative patches on our clothes. It is a machine that is embroidered one after another and used to be affixed to a clothes car, and some are also the signs of the brand.

There are several types of quality. I'll give you a few lists here.

1 Full embroidery is directly embroidered on non-woven paper and then torn off.

2 Use cloth as felt to choose the color you need

3 Twill, knitted fabrics, etc.

Embroidered chapters are abbreviated as embroidered caps, which can be used in clothes, shoes, and interior decorations. They can be made in round shape and can be used as embroidered coasters. Embroidered coasters are very popular in advanced tea restaurants and used in clothes. And play a decorative role on the shoes.