What is a Merrowed border

- Nov 10, 2018-

Merrowing, sometimes known as overlock sewing or overlocking is the process of wrapping thread around fabric, yielding an efficient and uniform stitch. 

Merging is a standard addition to most custom patches. A merrowed border is a standard option for custom patches and can be applied to a circle, rectangle, square or triangle. The merrowed border option will give your custom patch a finished, professional and polished look. This border is 1/8″ is that overlocks the patch edge. This option also prevents unwanted frayed edges. Merrowed Border will give your patch long lasting durability.  At OMLpatches.com, we have modified our Merrow Machine so we can merrow the velcro right on to the patch itself - no sewing the velcro on afterwards like most companies do.   This is one of the reasons that Omlpatches.com is better than the rest.

What does this mean to you?  it means that the velcro will never come off, ever.  It has 4 strands of embroidery thread plus two clear polyester threads interwoven to hold everything together.  It is not going to come off.  In fact, if the Merrow Artist makes a mistake and has to remove some of the merrowing, it can take hours of work to take out all of those threads.  So the velcro will stay on, and the patch will not separate from the velcro, or fall apart.  It is made to last through anything you do.