What is the embroidery badges

- Nov 03, 2018-

The badge, by definition, should be the iconic item representing the profession and identity. The totem from the original social clan tribe is the earliest badge. There are many types of badges: national emblem, party emblem, group emblem, team emblem, police emblem, military emblem, army emblem, navy emblem, air force emblem, urban tube emblem, forestry emblem, quarantine emblem, public security emblem, women's union emblem, hospital emblem, judicial emblem Tax emblem, criminal police emblem, court emblem, procuratorate emblem, road emblem, political association emblem, business emblem, people's mediation emblem, sterling silver medal, medal, new business emblem, new public emblem. So everyone can see that the badges can be defined as badges. What is the difference between them? The medals are mainly for the special badges that are customized by the individual. They are unique custom badges, which are the honors given to the meritorious people. Sign. The badge is generally a badge worn by a soldier. In the left chest position, the name, position, department, time and number of the wearer are generally indicated on the front or back. Up to now, there are also some modern badges. The personality badge is also called the personality seal. It is more fashion-oriented. You can go to the badge manufacturer to customize the badge.