Logo Embroidery Patch

- Oct 26, 2018-

What is embroidery badge? 

It refers to the LOGO or pattern through the computer embroidery machine and other cloth embroidery out, and then a series of cutting and modification of the fabric, eventually made together with embroidered cloth badge, that is embroidery badge.

First, the patches is based on the picture, the customer's ideas and so on to copy the draft embroidery, sketch does not need to be as accurate as the finished product. 

We just need to know this idea or sketch, color and necessary size. It does not produce badges in other ways, so it needs to be redrawn so that it can be copied. 

We say that people who do not need to embroider the machine's ability to do this kind of reproduction are possible for painting.

Second, When the design and color are agreed, the design pattern will be enlarged to 6 times the size of the technical drawings, according to this enlarged drawings to be able to print a guide embroidery machine version. 

Lofting artists should have the skills of artists and graphic designers. The stitches on the map indicate the type and color of the lines used, and some of the requirements raised in the print version are also considered.

DIY Embroidery Patches