Customers Prefer Custom Embroidery Patches

- Nov 02, 2018-

Customers Prefer Custom Embroidery Patches

The badge represents the non-mainstream hippie style of the 1970s and is still very popular in the fashion world. 

After the designer's transformation, the embroidery badge appeared on the motorcycle jacket, baseball shirt, jeans, and even the shoe bag, and the playfulness made these icons renew their new style charm.

The badges are superimposed on different textures such as embroidery, velvet and flash, and the denim jacket is worn to break the dull and easy to interpret the street style.

Embroidery badge refers to embroidering LOGO or pattern on the fabric through a computer through an embroidery machine, etc., and then performing a series of cutting and modification on the fabric, and finally making a cloth badge with embroidery, that is, an embroidery badge. 

Embroidery badges are also important in the production of various badges. They are widely used in a variety of casual wear, hats (cap badges), epaulettes (shoulder badges), etc., and are one of the badges with a large amount of production. 

Embroidery badges can be customized to suit the artwork or the artwork.